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Welcome to Dunwright Tackle Company


Welcome to Dunwright Tackle!

Home of the Lifelike Lures made with FORMULA-X

The Dunwright Tackle Warranty: The choice to do what is easy or what is right. 
Dunwright Tackle is a family owned company located in Big Lake Minnesota.

Our warranty is simple, if you have a problem with any Dunwright Product, call me, Dan Vogel or Keith Hansen at  612-817-2440, and I will take care of it.  If you run over one of our products with your truck... we'll have to work something out.




Formula X is honestly the best soft bait material on the market; it has the best action, slow or fast, and the best durability of any soft bait. You will need to do a couple of simple things to keep it working perfectly for a long time. Do not place your Lifelikes next to other soft plastic baits. Other soft plastics are made with a petroleum based material. Petroleum will ruin Formula X. Do not hang or store them where other soft plastics have been stored in the past, the left over oily residue also contains petroleum. Lay your Lifelikes flat or hang them vertically from the nose. Make sure the entire bait is hanging free. Guys, this is not rocket science, take care of the Lifelikes and they will catch more fish than you ever thought possible from soft plastic. They look more like a real fish than any other soft bait; they are more flexible and move with amazing realism. You will not find these Lifelikes in many retail store because they last too long. The stores want a bait that will tear easily so they can sell you another one, sad, but true.